What if I am late for my appointment?

If you are late for your scheduled appointment, we will try to accommodate you, but please understand that your appointment may need to be customized to fit the remaining time or rescheduled.


Should you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment, please provide 24 hours notice.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, we sell gift certificates at our location for any service or amount. When redeeming your gift certificate we suggest you call and make an appointment for your service that you are receiving. Our gift certificates do not have expiry dates, so there is no rush.

Do you take walk-ins?

Yes, we take walk-ins! You are more then welcome to walk -in we will try to accommodate you in anyway we can. When walking in, please understand if we are unable to accommodate you at that time, we are more then happy to schedule you in at another time for the service you request.

Do you have any wedding packages?

We want to make your experience with us unforgettable for your special day. You can customize your own package to help suit your needs. We also offer the NDulgence Bridal Package. This package is designed for the members of your bridal party to help them relax and enjoy some pampering. Call or email for more details.

I am having a wedding; will you open up earlier or on Sundays?

Yes, will try to accommodate you as much as we can to make you wedding or any occasion enjoyable and stress free. Call or email for more details.


Should I wash my hair before coloring or an updo?

No, washing the hair will strip it of its natural oils, which are necessary when adding color or getting an updo. Not washing your hair gives it better holding properties and make it easier to work with.

Why does hair color fade?

All hair color fades a little over time. This is due mainly to environmental factors, oxidization, washing and heated styling. When out in the sun make sure you use a hair sun screen to prevent fading. Also when swimming in a chlorinated pool a cap or protective chlorine lotion will help prevent fading as well. Another factor which can contribute to stripping color is washing the hair with water that is too hot or hard water. Professional shampoos and conditioners geared towards color treated hair are milder and will help prevent stripping the deposited pigment of color. Also when styling with flat irons and blow-dryers using protective styling aids will help keep the hair cuticle closed thus protecting the hair shaft and preventing the color from fading.

How long do extensions last?

Depending on the extension process and the type of hair they can last anywhere from a week to a year.

Glued – 1-2 weeks depending on care.

Sewed – 2-4 weeks depending on care.

Fused – 6 months to 1 year depending on care.


How often should I get a pedicure?

Pedicures are vital for your comfort and well-being, keeping your feet supple and soft and avoiding painful cracks, you should receive a pedicure every 6-8 weeks including the winter time depending. Winter time is essential because of the cold and dry weather you feet are more likely to crack and give you discomfort.

What should I expect when I am coming in for a spa day?

When coming on the day you are booked for a spa day please arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow consultation and preparation. Also, please be advised the time it will take to receive your services. If you are unable to come in for the complete time required for the spa package we are more then happy to split the services up onto different days to accommodate you.

How do you make a manicure last?

Impeccable nail preparation is the foundation of a good manicure. Your cuticles should be pushed back and clipped and your nails filed. Start with clean and dry nails by wiping all the nails with nail polish remover. Any oil on the nail bed will prevent the nail polish from sticking, and will cause peeling and chipping. Then apply a base coat, this helps the polish to better adhere to the nail. Then apply 2 coats of nail polish allowing the polish to completely dry between coats. Finish with a protective top coat. To help prevent chipping always use gloves when doing any chores such as dishes or gardening. Also, try to moisturize regularly and use cuticle oil to prevent dry skin and hang nails.

What are the benefits of Exfoliating the body and skin?

Some of the instant benefits after exfoliating the skin and buffing away the thin layer of dead skin cells will be glowing, smooth and soft skin. Buffing away the dead skin cells will prevent clogging of the pores which can lead to blackheads, whiteheads, and acne. Exfoliating regularly can also help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and allow your moisturizer to better penetrate your skin. Clean skin that has been treated properly throughout it’s life will look young and healthy at any age.

How long should I grow my hair before a waxing?

For great results, hair should be one quarter of an inch in length.